Graston Technique®

The Graston Technique® incorporates a patented form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that effect normal function. The technique separates and breaks down collagen cross-links; splays and stretches connective tissue and muscle fibers. Graston Technique® increases the rate and amount of blood flow to and from the area, and increases cellular activity in the region, including fibroblasts and mast cells.

Who Uses the Graston Technique®:

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  • Washington Red
  • Seattle Supersonics, NBA
  • New York Knicks, NBA
  • St. Louis Cardinals, MLB
  • Colorado Avalanche, NHL
  • UCLA

Hear what the experts have to say about the Graston Technique®:

“Graston Technique® is a very effective assessment and treatment modality that I use with great success on athletes in both acute and chronic stages of rehab.” – Pat Karns, MA, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Colorado Avalanche

“The GT® instruments are the most valuable rehab/preventive injury tool for treating the elite athletes that I have had access to. It’s truly my best option, even in private practice. I don’t know how I would practice without it.” – Mark S. Pfeil, PT, ATC, CSCS, NBA Trainer of the Year 1999-2000


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